Critical acclaim from Publisher’s Weekly and Curve Magazine

From Publisher’s Weekly about the forthcoming Coyote Blues:

“Grounded in kindness, queerness, and just a hint of magic, this is sure to satisfy.”

From Curve Magazine about As the Crow Flies:

“There are two romances for the price of one in this fascinating book, and the paranormal elements are skillfully woven through the entire story. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of ghost stories–I didn’t thing I was but this book convinced me otherwise…The settings were described using wonderful language and imagery and the quality of the writing overall was very high…I definitely recommend this book if you want something intellectual and a little bit different to sink your teeth into.”

The Star Chamber Podcast – Today @ 9pm est

Award-winning authors Karen F. Williams and Sallyanne Monti will be stopping by for a visit on the Star Chamber Show live podcast Wednesday at 9pm EST with co-hosts Stephen Zimmer, Holly Phillippe, and Daniel Dark! Karen will be discussing her multi-award-winning urban fantasy novel Coyote Blues, in addition to her other works and current projects.  Sallyanne, who is also an editor and musician, will be talking about shapeshifter lore in the American southwest and updating us on her creative activites!   A live chat room will be running during the show!