Happy Halloween

Love Spell
My 1990s Halloween classic, Love Spell, currently in its 2012 edition from Bella Books.

A country veterinarian meets a woman dressed as a witch on Halloween morning. I admit that I’ve always had a thing for a woman in black (conical hats a welcome accessory) but what also inspired this novel was my childhood fascination with the biblical race of giants—demigods who were said to be the offspring of “the sons of God and daughters of men.” Angels that mated with humans? Their misuse of superpowers got them in trouble and they were driven deep into the earth and sealed in caves forever. Hmm… While the other children in Sunday school (yes, my grandfather was a minister so there was no escaping Sunday school) loved the more popular “Noah’s Ark” and “Jonah and the Whale” stories, my interests bordered more on the esoteric, even as a kid. Those “giants” found a home in the dark caves of my imagination, and years later dug their way out and onto the pages of this contemporary Halloween love story. A fun October romance set against a fall landscape, it’s a light read with a touch of spooky, but for you armchair philosophers, there are some deeper ideas to ponder.

Report from Women’s Week, Provincetown

Karen Bookstore with the crowProvincetown was wonderful, in spite of rain half the week. I rent a house there every summer, but my dream has always been to go in October for Women’s Week. Not only did it work out this year, but the trip coincided with the release of my new book, As the Crow Flies.

Ptown Karen and fan




Turned out to be a busy week, what with readings and book signings, but it was an absolute pleasure meeting both old and new fans and enjoying drinks with many of them at the Harbor Lounge, Vixen and Boatslip on rainy nights.

Ptown reading Gabriel

And, of course, I enjoyed doing readings at Gabriel’s and the public library in the company of other authors whose work I love.

KW Ptown Booksigning 1

I’m happy to report that The Crow sold out at Recovering Hearts, and I hope those who bought a copy won’t be disappointed. While there is a paranormal subplot (don’t want to give up the ghost here) the romance is paramount. In fact there are two romances; that between two middle aged women (the professor and the writer) and another between two young women (Liz, the interior designer, and Isabel, heir to the family’s paper company). To those reading it, please share your thoughts.

Ptown Karen Jack KC Hazel


Going to Women’s Week in P-Town?

So is Karen! In addition to enjoying the festivities, she’ll be celebrating the release of her new book, As the Crow Flies.

Karen will be giving readings from the book and available for book signings at the following times:

Wednesday, October 10th
Reading at Gabriel’s: 2-3 p.m.
Book signing at Recovering Hearts Bookstore: 3:45-4:15 p.m.
Other authors present: Georgia Beers, Mickey Brent, Aurora Ray, KC Richarson, and TJ Thomas

Saturday, October 14th
Reading at the Provincetown Public Library: 1-2 p.m.
Book signing at Recovering Hearts Bookstore: 3:15-3:45
Other authors present: Melissa Brayden, Sophia Kell, Laydin Michaels, CA Popovich, and Jessica L. Webb

PLUS Bold Strokes Books Author Meet & Greet
Thursday, October 11th at Harbour Lounge, 5-7 p.m.
All are welcome!

New Novellas Now Available!

Two new novellas are now available as eStories from Bella Books!


A romance that develops into cozy horror, The Feeding features both human and canine characters in a fast-paced story that offers humor and philosophical perspectives on life…and death.
Also available on Amazon.



A romance, Meeting Ms. Roman follows Catherine, an author with writer’s block, who finds herself traveling from America to the English moors to meet the enigmatic and seductive Ms. Roman, a woman who shares Catherine’s interest in elusive big cats.