Coyote Blues cover 800pxRiley Dawson is a psychotherapist with a lycanthropic affliction. She’s a werewolf – a werecoyote, to be exact. A foundling discovered by hikers on the Appalachian Trail, and later adopted by wealthy parents in Manhattan, Riley led a privileged life until she fell in love with Fiona Bell, an evangelical preacher’s daughter. Teenage hormones, the full moon, and the pull of Fiona on her heartstrings triggered her first transformation at the family’s summer lake house in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, her parents witnessed the grotesque change and sent her off to college with a trust fund and an agreement never to return home.

Now, twenty years later, Riley shares a lucrative therapy practice with Dr. Margaret Spencer, better known as Peggy. Peggy, her wife Barbara, and Barbara’s gay brother Tom, are the only ones who know Riley’s secret.

Afraid of risking exposure and destined to live alone, Riley restricts her love life to online hookups. But when a family is referred for treatment and Fiona Bell unexpectedly comes back into her life, all the rules of the client-therapist relationship are tested and Riley’s whole world is turned upside down.

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