It’s the summer solstice and a storm is brewing in the upstate New York town of Halfmoon. Alex Spherris is a trail guide, and when she isn’t on the trails she’s busy playing both her fiddle and the field at Raspberries, the women’s restaurant she owns with Anna Mae Wingo. On a night like this she should have hunkered down with a good book and settled for drinking her fresh pot of coffee black. But milk, she decides, is only a short ride away. Caught in the thunderstorm, Alex falls witness to a fateful hit-and-run accident and soon discovers she is the new owner of a magical servant’s bell. Some people would kill for that bell, and for the fairy trapped inside. Before Alex knows it, she’s agreed to host a séance with an odd lot of new friends: an enchanting healer who wants to love her, a talking dog who wants to bite her, a cranky crone she could do without and an evil sorceress who’d like to do her in! How much more can a woman take?

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